Your Documents, Digitized and Organized

Use cases

Financial Documents

  • Invoices & Receipts: Automate your expense tracking and financial reporting with high-precision data capture from various invoice and receipt formats.
  • Tax Forms: Effortlessly extract data from essential tax documents, including W-2, 1040, 1098, and 1099 forms, streamlining your tax preparation process.
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Identity Verification

  • ID Documents: Secure and swift extraction of information from passports, ID cards, and more, ensuring reliable verification processes.
  • Health Insurance Cards: Quickly decode and organize data from US health insurance cards, essential for healthcare administration and claims handling.
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Real Estate & Mortgage

  • Mortgage Documents: Transform Mortgage application and closing documents (Forms 1003, 1008, Closure Disclosures) into structured digital formats, accelerating loan processing.
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Business Networking

  • Business cards: Convert contact information into digital contacts quickly, enhancing networking efforts and data organization.
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Personal Finance

  • Bank Statements & Credit Card Statements:Convert your financial statements into digital formats for easy tracking, analysis, and archival.
  • Credit cards:Securely scan and log credit card details for financial management and electronic record maintenance.
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Frequently asked questions

How does BetterOCR ensure the accuracy of extracted data?

BetterOCR utilizes advanced AI algorithms that not only recognize text but also understand its context, ensuring extremely high accuracy, even with complex formats.

Can BetterOCR handle documents with handwritten notes?

Yes, our OCR technology is equipped to recognize and interpret handwritten notes along with printed text, adapting to various handwriting styles.

Is my data secure with BetterOCR?

Absolutely. Data security is our top priority. All documents processed through BetterOCR are handled with strict confidentiality protocols.

What formats can BetterOCR export the extracted data to?

BetterOCR supports multiple output formats, including Excel XLSX, JSON, and XML, facilitating easy integration with other business applications.