Recruitment information
Ningbo YinQiu hardware Manufacturing Co., LTD., founded in October 1999, is located in Yuyao Mazhu Development Zone, Yuyao Economic Zone, the economic circle of Hangzhou Bay Cross-Sea Bridge. The geographical position is superior, the traffic is convenient, Shanghai port, Ningbo Beilun port direct all over the world.
The company takes the production kitchen hardware and the component as the leading product, and the supporting production each kind of kitchen electric product wiring harness, the hinge and so on. It is an important strategic partner of "Taifang" to cooperate with national brand "Taifang".
At present, the company has assets of more than 12000 ten thousand yuan, factory building area of more than 60000 square meters, has advanced production equipment and standardized production lines, annual output value of nearly 350 million, a total tax of 150 million, the company for three consecutive years of yuyao top, 350 high growth companies, yuyao, green leaves grow star award, the AAA level, the CPPCC member enterprise.
The company has more than 850 employees, including 45 professional and technical personnel, 50 quality management personnel. The technicians have rich professional technical knowledge and more than ten years of work experience. The management team has good professional management knowledge and rich management practice experience; The operators are well trained and most of them are experienced and skilled.
For the development of the company, continue to expand the market, the company in October 2006 was iso9001:2000 quality management system certification. In 2010, it passed the iso9001:2008 version change audit and obtained the certificate. The system operation is relatively mature. In order to improve product quality, prevent environmental pollution, save energy and reduce consumption, improve the level of internal management. In May 2017, the new versions of the quality management system and the environmental management system were introduced, established and implemented, and the Quality and Environmental Management Manual and relevant supporting procedural documents were officially released in July 2017 to ensure the continuity, consistency, integrity and effectiveness of the system. The company implements "4 specialist" management and introduces 6 sigma code to comprehensively improve the quality management level and ability of the company. Now the company has introduced ERP, APS, PLM and HR systems to further improve the scientific and systematic management.
The company inherits "Confucian thought" the idea that manages an enterprise, pragmatic innovation, will traditional culture and modern management union. In 2019, the annual output value exceeded 320 million yuan, and the tax payment was about 20 million yuan. The company has a sound trade union and party organization, including staff activity room, to provide employees with a good working and leisure environment.
According to the actual situation, centering on the core values of "pragmatism, gratitude, passion, dedication, integrity and harmony", the company has built its own core competitiveness and determined the strategic decision of "mold design and production as the core to build a first-class hardware manufacturing base".
The following positions are available:

Spot welder/welder, comprehensive salary RMB 4,000-6,500 / month, RMB 13-30 / hour;

Press worker, comprehensive salary 4500-6500 yuan/month.

Assembler, piece hour all have, comprehensive salary 4000-6000 yuan.

Warehouse keeper, more than one year of warehouse keeper work experience, salary 4300-5000 yuan/month.

Clerk, has the clerical work experience, the outstanding fresh graduate also may.

Inspector, with factory experience, able to use more than 4500 YUAN.

Contact person: Mr. Yang, Miss Guo Tel: 58220991

Fax number: 58220991 Zip code: 315400

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Address: No. 7, Ma Caotou Industrial Park, Yuyao, Zhejiang, opposite to Tedamei Home